Apartment for sale in New Cairo Egypt

Apartments for sale in New Cairo compound villette Sky condos

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Apartment for sale in New Cairo Egypt luxurious apartments with unique Design

Apartments for sale in New Cairo by installment 7 years inside compound Villette Sky Condos phase One New Cairo City

  • Sky condos by villette introducing a unique cascading architectural design that has never been seen before in Egypt. with exclusive apartments overlooking 35000 sqm Parks, Duplexes With 360 Degree View on Pocket Parks ranging from 156m. To 315m. Sky condos allows for breathtaking views of the sky above form the comfort of your home.
    The Best investment and live in Egypt One of the most Compound in New Cairo City
    Master Plan of Villette is designed by American SWA, 301 Feddans 80% greenery 20% built area.

Booking your Unit and get best location
Without Commission
Phone: 01221617104 / 01113545113

  • About Sky Condos
    Finally Sodic is launching sky condos phase One in Villette New Cairo
    the most luxurious apartments in east as well as the marvelous views Sky Condos apartments overlooking 35000 sqm Parks, Duplexes With 360 Degree View on Pocket Parks
    Sky Condos  by villette introducing a unique cascading architectural design that has never been seen before in Egypt.
    with exclusive apartments and duplexes ranging from 156m. To 315m. sky condos allows for breathtaking view of the sky above from the comfort of your home.
  • About Villette
    Features Villette New Cairo
    • Gym • Tennis courts • Squash courts • Mosque • Spa • Kids playgrounds • Organic farm • Pharmacy • Laundry • Supermarket • Bakery • Medical clinic • Run and bike trails • Swimming – lounge pool – lap pool (junior Olympic) • Kids pool with water park • Church • Central green & central piazza • Area for flea market on weekends • Kiosks in outdoor communal spaces • Facility management offices • Nursery • Vet clinic • ATM centre.
    Sodic have also created 4 large parks (each park is 90 meters x 90 meters), the 4 parks are linked with jogging trails and bike trails.
  • Club House Villette New Cairo
    a 30 acre clubhouse which is one of the biggest clubhouses in New Cairo (10% of total area).
    The clubhouse has an Olympic pool, leisure pool, tennis courts, football courts, multi-purpose courts, as well as some food and beverage outlets which ensures that the residents of Villette will find all the services and all their needs will be met.


Duplex Resale in Capital Gardens palm hills New Caior

Duplex Resale in Capital Gardens palm hills New Cairo City

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Duplex Ground floor with garden in Capital Gardens palm hills New Cairo
built up area: 260m. Garden: 94m.
Duplex Ground floor : 110m. : Reception, kitchen, Toilet, maidroom with bath.
First floor: 150m. living, kitchenette, bathroom, master bedroom with bath and dressing, bedroom with bath and
terrace, Bedroom with bathroom.
The Price: 2.600.000 L.E.
Paid: 669.000
Total price: 2126600
paid : 669400
quarer intallment: 60.700 till march 2023
Delivery end of 2019
5% transfer fees
100.000 transfer and 100.000 maintenance.
Contact: 01221617104

Apartment ground floor for sale in Compound Joulz New Giza Cairo Alex Road

Apartments for sale ground floor in Compound Joulz New Giza Cairo Alex Desert Road 6.5k

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Apartment for sale 3 bedrooms 188m.
consist of: Lobby, Guest bath, Reception & dining, Kitchen, master bedroom with private bath and dressing, 2 bedrooms, Bathroom, living room, maid room with bath.
Compound Joulz located at Cairo Alex Desert Road 6.5k, close to New Giza.
payment: 10% downpayment 8 years isntallment.
Booking : 01221617104

Compound Joulz
Joulz consists of 1,188 residential units containing an array of apartments, townhouses, twin houses, and stand-alone villas; all resplendently designed to be illuminated by natural light. Joulz has more than just artful homes; it creates a habitat of well being that its community deserves.
joulz possesses a fully equipped clubhouse, two professional sport’s fields, and many lively children’s playgrounds, among other facilities that serve its distinguished community. The name Joulz is appropriated from Joules, the unit used to measure photons, the fundamental particle of light-without which life would not be sustainable. On that premise, Joulz’ architecture harnesses this light to transport its community from the smog of the city to radiance, doing so by integrating natural elements inside each home to create a cleaner and healthier lifestyle

Apartment in October Plaza for saleGround floor

Apartments for sale by installment up to 7 years inside Compound October Plaza Sodic
Best investment and Payment plan

Modern Buildings consist of: Ground, First, second and third Floor

Type A : Ground Floor 236 sqm.

Consist of: Entrance, Reception, kitchen, toilet, master bedroom with bath & dressing and Terrace, 2 bedrooms, bathroom, and Garden 80m.

Sodic launching newest compound October Plaza
Building on the success of Kttameya Plaza in the East of Cairo, October Plaza is located in 6th of October City only a few minutes away from Sodic West, Mall of Arabia and the shooting Club .
with areas ranging from 157 square metres To 320 square meter this exclusive neighbourhood is characterised by its contemporary architecture and dynamic designs, providing elegant buildings in a warm and cosy setting October Plaza offers various amenities including jogging and cycling tracks , an outdoor gym, kids areas, swimming pool, making it a safe and healthy place to raise a family .

كمبوند أكتوبر بلازا سوديك بمدينة 6 اكتوبر

مباني عصرية نموذج A يتكون من: دور أرضي بحديقة, دور أول , دور ثاني, دور ثالث برووف.

الدور الارضي ويتكون من: 236م عبارة عن مدخل , ريسبشن, مطبخ, حمام ضيوف, غرفة نوم رئيسية بحمام خاص و غرفة ملابس تراس, 2 غرفة نوم, حمام, تراس للحديقة, حديقة بمساحة 100م.

Apartments Eastown New Cairo best spot in Teseen New Cario

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Apartments for sale 7 years installment in New Cairo City Compound Eastown

Best investment in New Cairo City Compound Eastown

Call: 01221617104

Location: Egypt, New Cairo City, El Tagamoa fifth, 90 street next to AUC, Compound Eastown New Cairo

Eastown Parks built on 30 acres of land the highest point of eastown parks rests at 18 meters above the rest of the development, offering spectacular views over the eastown clubhouse, eastown’s Green pedestrian Spine and New Cairo’s open landscape.

Eastown Parks Situated around four main parks each located on a different level, The Leveling of Eastown Park’s enables every home to enjoy unobstructed views of the clubhouse and the Pedestrian Green Spine.

Eastown Parks allows flexible circulation throughout the entire development, generous green areas as well as plenty of light and fresh air into its homes, it also enjoys an expansive network o underground parking garages that stretch out beneath each building with wide entrances for easy access

Apartments start 148 sqm. To 317 sqm.


Payment method: 10% down payment installment upto 7 years.

Eastown Clubhouse

Residents can enjoy membership at the Eastown Clubhouse just a short walk away from their homes The Clubhouse features swimming pools, sports facilities, restaurant and a café

Amenities, Design and More

Communal gardens

On-ground parking spaces for residents

Access points for gardening and maintenance

Extremely durable and washable exterior facades

Facades designed to conceal AC units

Connection point for installation of triple play services

Investment and Value for money

Eastown stars sell by 5.500 LE per SQM in 2013 versus 12.000 LE in 2016 and average 15.000 LE in 2017

Higher Value for rent ( after delivery ), you are the closet to the AUC, your location, the services provided by EDARA, the clubhouse

Why we are strong and unique

Because of our brand value, Credibility and success we were able to sell 12 phases in EASTOWN with almost no marketing, versus huge campaigns from EMAAR, Palm Hills and Mountain View.

Cash payments for off plan products

Commitment to delivery.

كمبوند أكتوبر بلازا شقق بالتقسيط حتى 7 سنوات مدينة 6 اكتوبر

كمبوند اكتوبر بلازا

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كمبوند اكتوبر بلازا هو أحدث مجمع سكاني من شركة سوديك علي غرار كمبوند قطامية بلازا بالتجمع , يتميز كمبوند اكتوبر بلازا بالعمارة المعاصرة والتصاميم الحيوية و توافر المباني الأنيقة و سط اجواء دافئة و مريحة من المساحات الخضراء الواسعة, اكتوبر بلازا يقدم مرافق مختلفة بما في ذلك طريق الركض وركوب الدراجات الهوائية وصالة العاب رياضية في الهواء الطلق ومناطق للاطفال حمام سباحة مما يجعلها مكانا أمنا وصحيا لراحة الاسرة.

الموقع: كمبوند اكتوبر بلازا يمكن الوصول اليه من خلال الحي الثامن بمدينة 6 اكتوبر وعن طريق دهشور و هو مخطط له مستقبليا والكمبوند قريب من: 7 دقائق من مول العرب , 5 دقائق من نادي الصيد 6 اكتوبر, 7 دقائق من نادي 6 اكتوبر, 15 دقيقة من بورتو أكتوبر

مميزات اكتوبر بلازا سوديك:

  • ممشى بطول 1.7 كيلو للجري و الدراجات الهوائية,
  • مناطق للشواء والحفلات,
  • مناطق هادئية للجلوس وسط الخضراء للتأمل
  • مناطق للاعب الاطفال,
  • حمام سباحة كبير, ومساحات مائية متفرقة بالكمبوند
  • جيم في الهواء الطلق, كافيه و مطعم,
  • شركة إدارة للخدمات المجتمعية تقدم كافة الخدمات الامنية و البيئية بالكمبوند علي مدار الساعة

كمبوند اكتوبر بلازا يقدم فرصة مميزة للاستثمار الأمن  والاستفادة من أقل سعر تنافسي للمرحلة الاولي فقط في سوق العقارات بمدينة 6 اكتوبر

طريقة الدفع: 10% مقدم و الباقي اقساط مميزة بأكثر من نظام تقسيط يصل إلي 7 سنوات

صممت جميع الوحدات المقدمة علي مساحات خضراء واسعة وأمنة  تبدا بمساحات 157م  وتصل إلي 320م الادوار أرضي و دورين متكرر, بنت هاوس برووف.

  شقق 2 غرفة تبدأ بمساحات :   157م  إلي 205م

شقق 3 غرف تبدا بمساحات :  213م  إلي 320م