Compound Joulz New Giza

Compound Joulz Apartments for sale 8 years installment at New Giza Cairo Alex Road 

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Joulz consists of 1,188 residential units containing an array of apartments, townhouses, twin houses, and stand-alone villas; all resplendently designed to be illuminated by natural light. Joulz has more than just artful homes; it creates a habitat of well being that its community deserves. Following an eco-friendly philosophy, all of the units in Joulz have been especially designed to provide the best of Egypt’s climate, sunny days and cool air through greenery installed inside each home to acclimatize the temperature, keeping the air fresher and cleaner. A healthy glow is retained through the dedicated jogging and bicycle lanes surrounding the vast verdure between the residential areas, providing the chance to practice healthier daily habits that are hard to sustain in the city. Apart from unmatched views and vast landscapes, Joulz possesses a fully equipped clubhouse, two professional sport’s fields, and many lively children’s playgrounds, among other facilities that serve its distinguished community. The name Joulz is appropriated from Joules, the unit used to measure photons, the fundamental particle of light-without which life would not be sustainable. On that premise, Joulz’ architecture harnesses this light to transport its community from the smog of the city to radiance, doing so by integrating natural elements inside each home to create a cleaner and healthier lifestyle

Joulz aims to ensure that its residents needs are completely met within
the compound, and as a result, there are several services ranging
from banks and medical clinics that aim to reassure the community
that they will not have to leave Joulz to get any of these services.
Moreover, Joulz has a hypermarket, several restaurants and cafes, a
dry cleaning service, and other facilities to keep its residents and their
families entertained. There are also office spaces and corresponding
underground parking spaces for its occupants.

Parking Along with these residential properties, underground parking spaces
are assigned to units, relieving the pressure of homeowners not being
able to park close to home. Parking slots will also be available in front
of buildings.

Safety is fundamental, and in Joulz the community has 24/7 on-site
security service across the compound to ensure that its residents have
peace of mind

Storage spaces are available for apartments, to ensure a hassle-free
move in.

Joulz’ apartment buildings will have audio-visual intercom systems, to
ensure the highest quality of security

Located throughout the project, there are different jogging trails. Each
trail is marked in a different color, consists of distance indicators, and
has start/end markers.

The neighborhood has 8 themed parks that make up 45,000 m2 of the
development. Every park and green area will be themed differently
to suit and entertain our residents.

Roads are designed to have dedicated biker’s lanes. Each trail is
marked in a different color, consists of distance indicators, and has
start/end markers.

Playing areas are spread within the neighborhood, for the safety
and well being of your kids.

The clubhouse is central to the neighborhood’s experience as it
grants its residents a range of services that serve every tenant’s need.
The clubhouse boasts an exclusive restaurant that brings together
its residents and their guests for a one-of-a-kind gastronomical
experience. Apart from its stately reception lounge, the building
houses a community business center, cigar lounge, and ladies lounge
along with a nursery and play area to keep the little ones busy. Joulz’
residents will be able to catch the latest films in the clubhouse private
cinema, and can catch up on their activities in the bar or on the
pool side bar, where several tentants and their families can be found
basking in the sun or splashing happily in the pool. Ensuring the well
being of the community are the clubhouse’s gym and spa that also
houses an indoor pool for cooler days.

Joulz consists of residences, ranging from distinguished stand-alone
units and twin houses to elegant townhouses and apartments. These
units make up 30% of the development land area, which is surrounded
by lush, vibrant vegetation. Units have unique views catering to tenants.

The development’s architecture is unlike any other, as its’ seemingly
unassuming design has much more sophisticated purposes. By focusing
on natural light, the architects designed each unit with spacious
patios and bright sun wells that guarantee plenty of sunlight. They
also brought nature in from outside by installing trees, alongside other
water elements, to create an inner garden that does more than purify
the air, it creates each tenant’s own personal heaven. The focus on
nature aims to soften the harsh and dusty weather that is a feature of
the areas on the outskirts of Cairo