Retail Shops for rent in Cairo Down town

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 The biggest shopping Mall in Egypt located in Cairo – Down Town
The First shopping Mall process by using bioenergy against negative energy surrounded us.
plot area: 25000 square meter,The purpose of it – the administrative (companies – Exhibitions) and commercial (shops, restaurants, Cafes, etc.)
Space : Start From 20m To 1000m.
Prices: Ground Floor: 135 Egyptian pound per meter.
up stairs : 105 per meter.
First Floor:95 per meter.
Second Floor : 85 per meter.
Third Floor: 75 per meter.
and 10% for Security and cleaning added to the price per meter monthly.
Features: 5000 parking spot, Escalators and Elevators , Extra Super lux finishing in and outside, central air conditional, website for the mall and Each shop has page inside the web and we’ll publishing all New offers , products on all social network and make propaganda of audio , visual and written, making competitions and prizes to attract customers throughout the year.