Azzar New Cairo

Compound Azzar New Cairo City


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Compound Azzar prime location in New Cairo heart of all things pulsates with life energy and infinite potential offer Luxurious homes for sale by installment up to 6 years.   

Location: Egypt, New Cairo City, Fifth Settlement, just 3 minutes away from AUC, Azzar Located in the heart of new Cairo in the area is known as Golden Square nearby Palm Hills Katamya, Mountain View, Villette Sodic, Mivida Emaar.


Azzar is offer a happy home experience with:

Stand alone villas. Start 480m.

Twin house villas. Start 302m.

Townhouse villas. Start 245m.

Payment Terms:

  • Prices start: 5.995.000
  • 5% down payment.
  • 5% after 3 months contracting.
  • 5% maintenance installments on first 3 years.
  • 6 years installments.
  • Delivery starting 3.5 years.

 Contact: 01221617104  / 01113545113


Azzar California homes in New Cairo Designed and brought to you from the USA with the understanding that a happy family needs to be supported by a healthy calming environment, Azzar has spared no expense to build a vibrant cohesive community. Azzar´s master plan and landscape are drawn-up for you to enjoy a beautiful way of living.

Azzar the heart of all things pulsates with life, energy and infinite potential. At the center of New Cairo, Azzar is a vibrant community where living with nature is well balanced with many nearby amenities. Its easy access to many of the city’s main arteries promotes not just convenience, but fluidity. Home is the source from which life flows.

 The Heart and Beyond

The heart of all things pulsates with life energy and Infinite potential. At the center of New Cairo Azzar is a vibrant community where living with nature is well balanced with many nearby amenities. Its easy access to many of the city’s main arteries promotes not just convenience, buy fluidity. Home is the source from with life flows.


Beyond Lightness

Within water, we are buoyant, floating and free untouched by the laws of gravity. With Zaaar’s swimming pool at our feet we feel the world relax. Diving into the different dimension, anytime we chose we get in touch with the lighter side of being.

Beyond fun

Water is one of the most treasured elements it is nourishing, refreshing and also a great source of joy and recreation. We can access our lighthearted playfulness with water at Azzar’s Splash area, where there is always a feeling of freshness and fun.


Beyond play

Like seeds the future flourishes in fresh air and sunlight, love and imagination. Azzar’s recreational area for kids enriches our youngest residents with a space to unfold their imagination and enjoy playfulness, key components to healthy development and life-long well-being.


Beyond Movement

On Azzar’s street life is a smooth well-oiled bicycle, a sturdy yet fluid mechanism that allows us to feel the wind in our hair, the ease of movement and feeling of self assuredness. With these lanes in and around the community we can enjoy the freedom to move safely. At Azzar we are the master of our flow.


Beyond Workout

There’s nothing like fresh, clean air and the grooves of nature to drive us to go further to go deeper to take that extra rep or to go a greater distance. At Azzar exercising in the open air reminds us how alive we really are. It’s in our nature to meet our best potential in the great outdoors.


Beyond the Finishing Line

In life being on the right track is as simple as making the right choices. Azzar understands the importance of us staying our course with a more than 500 meters walking area, it’s easy to stay in health so that we can keep to our goals. When we’re on target the good life seamlessly unfolds along our well-deserving path.


Beyond Seasons

We leap into the air hands reaching towards the sky feet stooping on the ground toes combing through grains of summer. At Azzar beach life is always a ball’s throw away. With our beach volleyball area, we can enjoy infinite summer moments anytime of day.


Beyond the Screen

The best experiences always widens our view gives us new perspectives. Azzar revolutionizes near home entertainment with it’s large wide outdoor screen where we can engoy our favorite movies, sports events and shows in the fresh surrounding nature practically in our back yard.

Beyond Coffee Culture

Coffee culture has given us space like no other meetings are synergistic tables are our temporary offices while each cup is filled with liquid inspiration.  With a variety of coffee shops brands at Azzar we can enjoy multidimensional quality experiences for work for play with friends or simply taking a quiet moment for ourselves.


Beyond Tastes

We savor a life of opportunity restaurants at azzar provide a culinary tour for every appetite a delicious extension of the comforts of home. From the most famous restaurant brands we feast on our senses of taste and smell nourished by good food and the strength of our choices.


Maintenance Service

The custody of one’s home is a great responsibility. At Azzar we appreciate fuss free comfort zone living with exert maintenance service sustaining the day to say tasks,  so that we are free to pursue the activities that are important to us.


Beyond Safety

To live in confidence gives us a different kind of freedom we are free from the trappings of the mind the future is good and more and more abundance is coming. Azzar’s top notch security which covers all corners and roads, gives us the mental space to move with ease joy and certainly.


Beyond Caring

Early settlers built homes where nature was abundant they understood that when cared for nature gives more too. Azzar takes its stewardship of the surrounds seriously, with an expert team who are focused on maintaining our healthy cycle with nature so that we can appreciate and benefit from the magic energy and soul of this beautiful land Azzar.