Compound Villette in New Cairo City

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villas for sale in villette New Cairo City 7 year installment  better invest better life
Compound Villette New Cairo City better invest better life

Villette is Sodic’s newest development in New Cairo City, it’s a 5 min drive from the AUC campus in New Cairo in a very quiet and upscale neighborhood (beside Mivida and Palm Hills). Villette is our most exclusive compound, Sodic didn’t launch a marketing campaign for Villette in order to ensure the exclusivity and the best community.

Villette is built on 300 acres with a 30 acre clubhouse which is one of the biggest clubhouses in New Cairo (10% of total area). The clubhouse has an olympic pool, leisure pool, tennis courts, football courts, multi-purpose courts, as well as some food and beverage outlets which ensures that the residents of Villette will find all the services and all their needs will be met.  Sodic have also created 4 large parks (each park is 90 meters x 90 meters), the 4 parks are linked with jogging trails and bike trails.

Payment plans:
10% downpayment – rest divided on equal quarterly installments over 7 years.

Booking your Unit and get best location
Without Commission
Phone: 01221617104 /  01113545113

كمبوند فيليت القاهرة الجديدة – أرقى كمبوند فيلات متكامل الخدمات من شركة سوديك
تقدم المرحلة الجديدة وحدات التاون هاوس و التوين هاوس و الفيلات المنفصلة
عرض خاص 10% مقدم و تسهيلات متميزة فى الدفع حتى 7 سنوات
اسعار التاون هاوس تبدأ من 4,500,000ج و التوين هاوس من 5,800,000ج
اسعار الفيلات تبدأ من 9,000,000ج –
جميع الوحدات لها فيو على مساحات شاسعة من الحدائق


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