Villa Duplex for sale inside Mountain View at 6 October City

Villa Duplex  Half finished for sale inside compound Mountain View at 6 October City
Type: I-Villa A (Ground) – End unit with garden
Direction: Ba7ary
Location: Direct looking on the pool and the green valley
Delivery date: January, 2014
Building Area (M2) 264.07.
Garden Area (M2) 65.00.
Total Price (L.E.)   1,280,000
Mountain View October Park is designed with separate pedestrian walkways throughout the compound, set on a different level from the roads used by vehicles.
Mountain View October Park ingenious overhead bridges crossing over walkways, we ensure that vehicles will never interrupt your pedestrian experience. This will provide a healthy and safe environment for you and your young ones.
Mountain View October Park is the Crystal Lake. The Lake gathers together natural beauty with a touch of refinement
Mountain View October Park wind through two kilometers and can be used for jogging and cycling, or for gently strolling through the natural environment. Your home will be in the middle of lush landscapes.
The variety of styles means that everyone will have a favorite garden that reflects their taste and choosing from the Meditation
Amongst the woods is the enchanting tree house, where adults and children can take pleasure in tree-top adventures in a vista perfectly situated atop the mature trees.


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